Merry Christmas from AMW Equine!


A Boy and his Dog - Rowan and Boo talk about how excited they are about Christmas!2013 has been an eventful year, with blessings far greater than we could have imagined! We knew that we were in for some great changes in life, but we are unsure whether the English language can adequately describe just how profound the transitions have been!


Rowan James Williamson was welcomed into the world at 8:45pm on Sunday 3 February. He was 8lbs 1oz and a very happy, healthy baby despite a long labour. Now at 10 months old, Rowan is something of a baby-socialite (is anyone really surprised??), willing to help Mummy or Daddy with whatever they are doing, as long as that doesn’t happen to involve the cot or the change table!


Boo looking remarkably wise and noble for a Cocker Spaniel puppy!Rowan’s new co-star is Boo, a cocker spaniel puppy who is now 3mths old. Boo’s personality is true to spaniels – soft as mud, but full of mischief and is happiest when naughtiness and water combine!! We can only imagine the trouble that these two are going to get up to together! Mud Pies will only be the start of it!


We are so very excited to welcome Grayson Tilse to the team, and her lovably rebellious horse, Miff! Gray will be helping us with all manner of things from baby to farm to horses (so much so that I can't possibly come up with a job title for her!) for 2014 while she takes a gap year between HSC and University. We will certainly keep her busy!


Adam is a very busy Daddy, to say the least! His Farm Manager position at Segenhoe Stud is going well, and Adam is enjoying the challenges that the role throws at him (well… most of them, anyway!). On top of his slightly more than fulltime role there, he is also farming 120 acres on Dartfield, plus co-farming 150 acres next door! Then, at the end of his long day, he is a doting Daddy, who can mostly be found bathing or feeding a baby. Luckily for him, Rowan makes those tasks pretty enjoyable!


Marcia is also getting back up to speed with her riding and teaching, owing to why Rowan is such a busy, outgoing little boy. While the juggling act is sometimes ridiculously difficult, Marcia has found that its even more fulfilling when she gets it right! She has been incredibly blessed with students and clients who have helped her make the necessary adjustments to being Equestri-Mum, and having just the right number of enjoyable horses to ride! She is hoping that over the summer weeks, she might just have enough time and organization to start writing, as she is determined to pen her pregnancy journal (Adventures of the Pregnant Equestrienne – look out for its Facebook premiere!).

Sadly, 2013 also marks the loss of a vital member of the family. On April 16, the tremendously difficult decision was made to have Clyde put down, due to advancing melanomas. Clyde would have turned 21 this year and so, it is fair to say that he had a great innings. We are truly thankful to have had this wonderfully wise (yet absurdly funny) equine as part of our lives and to have taken part in the fantastic adventures that he took us on. He now waits at the front gate of Dartfield, ready to meet with all of ‘his people’. Goodness knows how much stuff he’ll chew up in the meantime!


We thank you for all the love and support we have shared throughout 2013, and hope that the New Year will bring as much love, laughter, interesting challenges, great learning and immense joy.


Love and Blessings from,

Adam, Marcia, Grayson, Rowan and Boo