Impromptu Clinic 6 Aug 2016

In what turned out to be a social experiment in exactly how quickly one can turn 1 pupil into 10 (about 12hrs!!), here is the timetable for this weekend's impromptu clinic! You all know that I'm really flexible (now that I do yoga, I actually mean that!!) so feel free to bring a friend along, stick another horse on the float or come up with any random ideas of other stuff you'd like to do! I'll find a way to fit them in!

Impromptu Clinic Timetable

I have also attached the entry form for you to fill out, so if you like print it out and bring it along, or return it beforehand. I personally LOVE the myriad of ways that you all return the entry forms, the more creative the better!!

Impromptu Clinic Entry Form

Let me know if you are not an EA member and if you are an EA member, make sure you have renewed (Me has not renewed. Oops, me is bad person). I have attached the waiver form, which is designed for non-EA members, but I will get everyone to fill one out and then we are all covered (in much the same way as wearing a denim mini in 10 degrees is covered).

Waiver to complete and sign

If we do get rained out, there is a good chance that we could possibly reschedule for next weekend? Let me know if you could be available next weekend? I do expect that there will be some underworked/overfed ponies with all this rain - don't worry, mine will be the Naughiest Of Them All!!