No-Limits Super Clinic

NEW DATE - 5 & 6 November 2016!!
Lets you attend compete at Scone Horse Trials MKII!!!

Marcia & Clyde - Adelaide 2008
Denman Pony Club Grounds
Bell Street, Denman NSW 2328


Are you ready for the BIGGEST. TRAINING. EXPERIENCE. of your riding career?


Great!! That is exactly the right answer!


Awesome things happen when you’re not quite ready. So, no matter what your fear is, we can help you stare it down. No matter how negative the inner voice, we can help you switch it off. No matter what your goals are for the eventing season, we can help you achieve them.

By unifying your mind, your body and your riding, this fully immersive clinic experience will take equestrian learning to a whole new level. And with it, it’s going to strip away your outer layer of fears, fractures and limiting beliefs, revealing YOUR. SUPER. POWERS. Your true authentic self.

This clinic is open to all adult riders of ALL eventing levels – anyone who is up for a challenge in a rich learning environment with some seriously wonderful people. It will be very different to anything you have experienced before, below is the itinerary to blow your mind. Yoga, anyone?


Pre Clinic Check In- Lets talk about those goals and what's stopping you from reaching them
Saturday Sunday
8:00am Mindset Training- Riding with your mind, Self Care for the Equestrian 8:00am Mindset Training- 'Really Relating' to your horse, the true riding self
9:30am Yoga with John West- literally dressage for the body, testing your suppleness and strength 9:30am The No- Limits Challenge- sooo great that it has to be kept a secret!! Turn what you've learnt into your Super Powers!!
11:00am Open Your Mind dressage sessions- open order, groups of 5. Collective consciousness, empowering rather than enabling 11:00am Derby Jumping Lessons- take your new Super Powers out to the cross country and let's see what you can do!!
7:00pm The Social Scene- great food, excellent company, just a hint of shopping. Plus wine. There will be wine!
Post Clinic Connection- Ensuring that you took your Super Powers home with you!



I. AM. SO. EXCITED! I want to see those true colours of yours. I want to see what you can achieve when you know that ANYTHING. IS. POSSIBLE!

Places are strictly limited so enter now!! Take advantage of the early bird special before Thu 29 Sept 2016 to ensure your place in this epic event for just $400. Your entry fee is all-inclusive and entitles you to tuition from highly qualified instructors, all course fees and equipment hire, yards for your horse, camping (with toilets and showers) and quality catering for all meals. Final entries close Thu 13 Oct 2016 at a cost of $450.




P.S. What happens when a rider who is not a natural athlete forms an incredible relationship with a horse who isn’t strong enough for his job? They discover their Super Powers, go Four Star a couple of times and then teach you what they learnt. Click here to read Marcia’s bio.