No-Limits SuperClinic ft ROC Race!!

3 - 5 February 2017


Evans Park Equestrian

56 Godalla Road, Freemans Reach

Featuring a SuperChallenge excursion to ROC Race- Sydney!!
~ What is ROC Race? Click here to find out!



Mind. Body. Horse. Change YOUR story.

The SuperClinic is born of the knowledge that there is much more to equestrian success than riding. Long before we can discover the true potential of our horses, we need to explore the limits we unintentionally place on ourselves. Developing mindfulness – living in the present; being authentic, open and intentional; giving and receiving grace - helps us to clarify the messages we send to our equine partner.

Our bodies are responsible for the delivery of those messages. It is therefore, crucial that our bodies are strong, supple and responsive to ensure messages are delivered to the horse as they were intended. Our body also has a profound effect on our mind and the way we view ourselves – a purposeful body results in a purposeful mind.

It is only when we have developed the mind/body connection that we capable of riding to our fullest potential. Only then can we unite with the horse for a sense of common purpose. Only then can we apply aids with impeccable timing, with balance, with sensitivity. Only then do we discover the key to fearlessness. Only then do we compete from the inside out, in a place where we can win every day.


The Itinerary


7:30am Registration and Welcome

~ Coffee Station check-in for the non-morning person!

8:00am   Mindfulness Session 1

~ Fear and the Limiting Belief

10:00am Functional Movement Session

~ Take your body back to it's best. Before your brain told it how to compensate.

12:00pm Yummy lunch

~ Start building those connections!

1:00pm Open Your Mind Dressage Lessons

~ Open order dressage lessons, taught YOUR way!



8:00am Mindfulness Session 2

~ Understanding Ego States

10:00am Equestrian Vaulting (TBC)

~ Think you can't vault? Prepare to reassess THAT limiting belief!

12:00pm Picnic with the Ponies

~ We are on a stunning equestrian property, why not?

2:00pm Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge!!!

~ What kinds of crazy are you when you forget your limits?



8:00am Body Balance

~ A blend of yoga, pilates and music. Stretch. Repair. Recentre.

9:30am Mindfulness Session 3

~ Schema's - Where Limiting Beliefs Hide

12:00pm Last Chance Lunch

~ Connect and re-live yesterdays awesomeness

1:00pm Cross Country SuperLessons

~ Put together all your learning to reveal YOUR SuperPowers!


Entries to this life-changing event are STRICTLY LIMITED!! Call Marcia on 0407 403 802 to reserve your place or go to the Nominate Entry Page now!! FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is THE WORST - don't let it happen to you!!