No-Limits SuperClinic @ Willows Leap!!!

3 - 4 June 2017

Caramello flies through the Gully at Willows Leap


“WHY?” and “HOW?”

"I want to KNOW MORE!!"

Are you the sort of rider who always wants to KNOW MORE? Do you love to know WHY things work? Are you always asking HOW you could do it better?

Maybe you want to go up a grade, and keep falling short. Maybe you’re frustrated because you feel like you should be further along ‘the journey’. Maybe you doubt your riding ability because you can’t seem to get the right message to your horse. Maybe you’re fed up with feeling demotivated about the sport that you love.


Want to know how you can build resilience to persist through ANY setback? Want to know how you can free yourself from the limiting beliefs that sit somewhere between you and your goals? Want to understand your own mind/body interactions and how to make them the right interactions for your horse?? Do you want the confidence to start smashing the hell out of your riding goals??

Well… we know HOW… two intense days to fully immerse yourself in intentional practice. Dressage, jumping, yoga, mindfulness, biomechanics. Riding success, in all of it’s forms, broken down into the individual elements that YOU need. Challenges to push you toward empowerment. Mind, body and horse connections like you have never felt before.


Saturday Sunday
8am Mindness Session 1 7am Yoga
What are your limiting beliefs and where do they hide? Dressage for the riders body! Learn how to be supple but strong, both mentally and physically!
10am Functional Movement ft. 4**** rider Keira Byrnes 8am Mindfulness Session 2
How does your riding body actually work? Do YOU know? Distractions, ego and afflictions - turning your subconscious downfalls into your finest resources!
1pm Dressage with a Difference! 10am SuperClinic Secret Challenge
Group flatwork sessions, to build horse & rider connection - plus 1-on-1 biomechanics sessions with Keira! So out of left field that we have to keep it a secret! This challenge will have you doing things you never thought you'd be capable of!
7pm Feeding the Equestrian Athlete 1pm Ultimate XC
We mean YOU! Let's have a look at YOUR refuelling strategies! Now that you are primed and ready, lets see what you can do out on cross country!! No limits!! Not any more!!







Places are strictly limited to 15 riders- and there are some already chomping at the bit, so move fast or you WILL miss out! Check out to see Willow's AWESOME cross country facilities and meet the fabulous team of Lyndel, Phil and Ani!


Click here to go straight to the Nominate entry page or call Marcia on 0407 403 802 for more information!