What are Mojo Calls?

Some Mojo Calls look like this....Off-the-horse riding-life lessons uniquely designed for you. Where you can draw from an infinite library of positive psychology, equitation science, neuroscience, yoga philosophy, equestrian biomechanics and elite level riding experience.

No need to ‘fit in’ here. It’s a safe space for you to rebuild and regather. To be reborn. To find your Mojo. To reclaim your right to ride – just for you. Just for your horse. Just for the joy of it.

Let’s look at your goals. Let’s kick your fears to the curb. Let’s help you shed layers of limiting belief and bust those bad habits. Let’s get you really, truly celebrating your equestrian successes.


1x Mojo Call: $150

  • 90min call, Skype, Facetime or face-to-face session
  • No prep required, only need a phone, a pen and paper
  • Written record of the call, to give you a bit of direction "Where to from here?"
  • Get down to the REAL issues that sit BEHIND your riding - where coaches just can't go in a conventional lesson
  • Truly get the MOST out of your riding time, entry fees and physical lessons!!


Package of 3x Mojo Call: $380

  • Over 15% off the single price
  • A huge opportunity to leverage what you learn, each call building on the last
  • A sustained feeling that help is always at hand - you choose the frequency that best suits you
  • A gentle push on accountability, motivation or whatever is blocking your success
  • The safest of spaces to come back to when vulnerability gets hard
  • The knowledge that someone has got your back, so you can put in those hard yards to seriously progress!


Evening timeslots are available, after feed-up and/or kiddie bedtime. A glass of wine is the evening Mojo's ideal companion! Upon request, Mojo Calls can be arranged through the day as well.

Call Marcia on 0407 403 802 to book a timeslot now!