What are Mojo Calls?

Some Mojo Calls look like this....Off-the-horse riding-life lessons uniquely designed for you. Where you can draw from an infinite library of positive psychology, equitation science, neuroscience, yoga philosophy, equestrian biomechanics and elite level riding experience.

No need to ‘fit in’ here. It’s a safe space for you to rebuild and regather. To be reborn. To find your Mojo. To reclaim your right to ride – just for you. Just for your horse. Just for the joy of it.

Let’s look at your goals. Let’s kick your fears to the curb. Let’s help you shed layers of limiting belief and bust those bad habits. Let’s get you really, truly celebrating your equestrian successes.


1x Mojo Call: $150

  • 90min call, Skype, Facetime or face-to-face session
  • No prep required, only need a phone, a pen and paper
  • Written record of the call, to give you a bit of direction "Where to from here?"
  • Get down to the REAL issues that sit BEHIND your riding - where coaches just can't go in a conventional lesson
  • Truly get the MOST out of your riding time, entry fees and physical lessons!!


Package of 3x Mojo Call: $380

  • Over 15% off the single price
  • A huge opportunity to leverage what you learn, each call building on the last
  • A sustained feeling that help is always at hand - you choose the frequency that best suits you
  • A gentle push on accountability, motivation or whatever is blocking your success
  • The safest of spaces to come back to when vulnerability gets hard
  • The knowledge that someone has got your back, so you can put in those hard yards to seriously progress!


Evening timeslots are available, after feed-up and/or kiddie bedtime. A glass of wine is the evening Mojo's ideal companion! Upon request, Mojo Calls can be arranged through the day as well.

Call Marcia on 0407 403 802 to book a timeslot now!


No-Limits SuperClinic @ Willows Leap!!!

3 - 4 June 2017

Caramello flies through the Gully at Willows Leap


“WHY?” and “HOW?”

"I want to KNOW MORE!!"

Are you the sort of rider who always wants to KNOW MORE? Do you love to know WHY things work? Are you always asking HOW you could do it better?

Maybe you want to go up a grade, and keep falling short. Maybe you’re frustrated because you feel like you should be further along ‘the journey’. Maybe you doubt your riding ability because you can’t seem to get the right message to your horse. Maybe you’re fed up with feeling demotivated about the sport that you love.


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No-Limits SuperClinic ft ROC Race!!

3 - 5 February 2017


Evans Park Equestrian

56 Godalla Road, Freemans Reach

Featuring a SuperChallenge excursion to ROC Race- Sydney!!
~ What is ROC Race? Click here to find out!



Mind. Body. Horse. Change YOUR story.

The SuperClinic is born of the knowledge that there is much more to equestrian success than riding. Long before we can discover the true potential of our horses, we need to explore the limits we unintentionally place on ourselves. Developing mindfulness – living in the present; being authentic, open and intentional; giving and receiving grace - helps us to clarify the messages we send to our equine partner.

Our bodies are responsible for the delivery of those messages. It is therefore, crucial that our bodies are strong, supple and responsive to ensure messages are delivered to the horse as they were intended. Our body also has a profound effect on our mind and the way we view ourselves – a purposeful body results in a purposeful mind.

It is only when we have developed the mind/body connection that we capable of riding to our fullest potential. Only then can we unite with the horse for a sense of common purpose. Only then can we apply aids with impeccable timing, with balance, with sensitivity. Only then do we discover the key to fearlessness. Only then do we compete from the inside out, in a place where we can win every day.


The Itinerary


7:30am Registration and Welcome

~ Coffee Station check-in for the non-morning person!

8:00am   Mindfulness Session 1

~ Fear and the Limiting Belief

10:00am Functional Movement Session

~ Take your body back to it's best. Before your brain told it how to compensate.

12:00pm Yummy lunch

~ Start building those connections!

1:00pm Open Your Mind Dressage Lessons

~ Open order dressage lessons, taught YOUR way!



8:00am Mindfulness Session 2

~ Understanding Ego States

10:00am Equestrian Vaulting (TBC)

~ Think you can't vault? Prepare to reassess THAT limiting belief!

12:00pm Picnic with the Ponies

~ We are on a stunning equestrian property, why not?

2:00pm Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge!!!

~ What kinds of crazy are you when you forget your limits?



8:00am Body Balance

~ A blend of yoga, pilates and music. Stretch. Repair. Recentre.

9:30am Mindfulness Session 3

~ Schema's - Where Limiting Beliefs Hide

12:00pm Last Chance Lunch

~ Connect and re-live yesterdays awesomeness

1:00pm Cross Country SuperLessons

~ Put together all your learning to reveal YOUR SuperPowers!


Entries to this life-changing event are STRICTLY LIMITED!! Call Marcia on 0407 403 802 to reserve your place or go to the Nominate Entry Page now!! FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is THE WORST - don't let it happen to you!!


No-Limits Super Clinic

NEW DATE - 5 & 6 November 2016!!
Lets you attend compete at Scone Horse Trials MKII!!!

Marcia & Clyde - Adelaide 2008
Denman Pony Club Grounds
Bell Street, Denman NSW 2328


Are you ready for the BIGGEST. TRAINING. EXPERIENCE. of your riding career?


Great!! That is exactly the right answer!


Awesome things happen when you’re not quite ready. So, no matter what your fear is, we can help you stare it down. No matter how negative the inner voice, we can help you switch it off. No matter what your goals are for the eventing season, we can help you achieve them.

By unifying your mind, your body and your riding, this fully immersive clinic experience will take equestrian learning to a whole new level. And with it, it’s going to strip away your outer layer of fears, fractures and limiting beliefs, revealing YOUR. SUPER. POWERS. Your true authentic self.

This clinic is open to all adult riders of ALL eventing levels – anyone who is up for a challenge in a rich learning environment with some seriously wonderful people. It will be very different to anything you have experienced before, below is the itinerary to blow your mind. Yoga, anyone?


Pre Clinic Check In- Lets talk about those goals and what's stopping you from reaching them
Saturday Sunday
8:00am Mindset Training- Riding with your mind, Self Care for the Equestrian 8:00am Mindset Training- 'Really Relating' to your horse, the true riding self
9:30am Yoga with John West- literally dressage for the body, testing your suppleness and strength 9:30am The No- Limits Challenge- sooo great that it has to be kept a secret!! Turn what you've learnt into your Super Powers!!
11:00am Open Your Mind dressage sessions- open order, groups of 5. Collective consciousness, empowering rather than enabling 11:00am Derby Jumping Lessons- take your new Super Powers out to the cross country and let's see what you can do!!
7:00pm The Social Scene- great food, excellent company, just a hint of shopping. Plus wine. There will be wine!
Post Clinic Connection- Ensuring that you took your Super Powers home with you!



I. AM. SO. EXCITED! I want to see those true colours of yours. I want to see what you can achieve when you know that ANYTHING. IS. POSSIBLE!

Places are strictly limited so enter now!! Take advantage of the early bird special before Thu 29 Sept 2016 to ensure your place in this epic event for just $400. Your entry fee is all-inclusive and entitles you to tuition from highly qualified instructors, all course fees and equipment hire, yards for your horse, camping (with toilets and showers) and quality catering for all meals. Final entries close Thu 13 Oct 2016 at a cost of $450.




P.S. What happens when a rider who is not a natural athlete forms an incredible relationship with a horse who isn’t strong enough for his job? They discover their Super Powers, go Four Star a couple of times and then teach you what they learnt. Click here to read Marcia’s bio.


Impromptu Clinic 6 Aug 2016

In what turned out to be a social experiment in exactly how quickly one can turn 1 pupil into 10 (about 12hrs!!), here is the timetable for this weekend's impromptu clinic! You all know that I'm really flexible (now that I do yoga, I actually mean that!!) so feel free to bring a friend along, stick another horse on the float or come up with any random ideas of other stuff you'd like to do! I'll find a way to fit them in!

Impromptu Clinic Timetable

I have also attached the entry form for you to fill out, so if you like print it out and bring it along, or return it beforehand. I personally LOVE the myriad of ways that you all return the entry forms, the more creative the better!!

Impromptu Clinic Entry Form

Let me know if you are not an EA member and if you are an EA member, make sure you have renewed (Me has not renewed. Oops, me is bad person). I have attached the waiver form, which is designed for non-EA members, but I will get everyone to fill one out and then we are all covered (in much the same way as wearing a denim mini in 10 degrees is covered).

Waiver to complete and sign

If we do get rained out, there is a good chance that we could possibly reschedule for next weekend? Let me know if you could be available next weekend? I do expect that there will be some underworked/overfed ponies with all this rain - don't worry, mine will be the Naughiest Of Them All!!


Derby Mini Clinics

SEPTEMBER DERBY CLINICCamilla and Max Conquer The Bastard

It's been a while between drinks, but now is the perfect time for a Derby Clinic! Come and meet The Bastard and jump the Black Pipe to prepare your Intro horses for Scone Horse Trials next weekend! We've got the baby ditch for the green horses, and we might be able to source a tyre jump or two?

Click here for the Entry Form. ENTRIES CLOSE WED 14 SEPTEMBER 2016

A timetable will be posted on Thursday, but feel free to contact me to let me know which days and times suit you.




Here's the draw for this weekend's mini clinic, finally!!!

March Derby Clinic Timetable


The next Derby Mini Clinic will be held this weekend Saturday 12 March 2016, and if numbers permit, Sunday 13 March also. Great opportunity to get young horses started or get horses ready for the upcoming Quirindi ODE. It's cheap (no course fee!!), its really really cheerful and includes a great blend of cross country obstacles and showjumping exercises.

Date: Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 March 2016

Place: "Dartfield" 70 Netherton Road, Dartbrook NSW 2336 (call Marcia for directions)

Lessons: 2hr lessons, no more than 5 horses in a group

Cost: $66 plus $0 course fee!!! Cool

Entries close Thursday 10 Jan 2016 (but you all know what I am like - call me on 0407403802 if you'd like to slip in a late one!)

Download the March Derby Clinic Entry here!


Ditch construction is underway for our cheap & cheerful Derby Mini Clinic (here's cheers for no course fee after Chrissy!!)!! Come and join in two days of Derby style antics - combining some showjumping grids with some cross country portables, a ditch and maybe a fixed fence or two (if the planets align!). A great, low-key first outing or an awesome way to kick off a wonderful 2016 season! 90min lessons, no more than 5 horses in a group, and as always, heaps of great people to talk to and get to know!

Date: Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 January 2016

Place: "Dartfield" 70 Netherton Road, Dartbrook NSW 2336 (use 348 Dartbrook Road, Aberdeen if using SatNav or Google Maps)

Lessons: 90min lessons, no more than 5 horses in a group

Cost: $66 plus $0 course fee!!! Cool

Entries close Tuesday 12 Jan 2016 (but you all know what I am like - call me on 0407403802 if you'd like to slip in a late one!)

Download the Derby Mini Clinic Entry Form here!


25 July 2015 Mini Clinic

The Not-So-Mini Clinic!

Download the Timetable Here!

So, our mini-clinic turned into a fully fledged two days of cross country schooling!! #overwhelmedbytheresponse! I think that everyone's request has been catered for, and I ~think~ I have remembered everybody, but just let me know if I haven't! Best contact number for me is 0407 403 802.

So far, Denman has only had a little bit of rain, certainly not enough to be concerned about. I will endeavour to keep you up to date if the weather becomes more inclement! Failing that, I'll see you on the weekend - I'm so excited to see you all again! Remember to fill out your waiver before you start your lesson!





Great opportunity to get some cross country schooling in before upcoming events at Mudgee and Scone Horse Trials! As always, lessons will be a social affair: three parts information to one part tall tales and hilarity in a friendly, supportive environment! Numbers will be limited, as there is only one of me, so book now.


DATE: Sat 25 July 2015 (possibly Sun 26 July, if demand permits)

PLACE: Denman Pony Club Grounds

Lessons: 2hr Group Lessons, no more than 5 horses per group

Cost: $66 per lesson plus $20 course fee (not applicable to Zone 7 PC members)


Download the Entry Form



8 & 9 June 14 Quirindi Mini Clinic

Times for Quirindi Mini Clinic

Please feel free to give me a call on 0407403802 if I have forgotten you (I think I am missing someone important!) or haven't put you in a suitable timeslot.

Quirindi Clinic Timetable


2014 Australia Day Weekend Eventing Clinic

Lianna Collins and Wilson - schooling at DenmanKick off the eventing year with a super fun eventing clinic at Denman Pony Club grounds over the Australia Day Weekend. Lessons will be with Marcia Williamson, NCAS L1 coach and local eventing rider (now a professional Equestri-Mum!) who somehow made it to 4 Star...! Catch up with your eventing buddies, brush up on some skills and get your horse fit for the start of the season!

Mix 'n' match your lessons to suit you and your horse's schooling and fitness:

Saturday - 45min individual dressage lessons
Saturday - 1hr shared showjumping lessons (max 2 riders)
Sunday -2hr group cross country lessons (max 5 riders)

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Merry Christmas from AMW Equine!

A Boy and his Dog - Rowan and Boo talk about how excited they are about Christmas!2013 has been an eventful year, with blessings far greater than we could have imagined! We knew that we were in for some great changes in life, but we are unsure whether the English language can adequately describe just how profound the transitions have been!

Rowan James Williamson was welcomed into the world at 8:45pm on Sunday 3 February. He was 8lbs 1oz and a very happy, healthy baby despite a long labour. Now at 10 months old, Rowan is something of a baby-socialite (is anyone really surprised??), willing to help Mummy or Daddy with whatever they are doing, as long as that doesnt happen to involve the cot or the change table!

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XC Clinic 8 & 9 Sept 2012

Natalya Bretherton and Impressive Kitty - PN Water

Want to make the most of the Eventing Calendar? This is a perfect opportunity to make your spring eventing even more successful!

Scone Horse Trials will be hosting a Cross Country Clinic on 8 & 9 September 2012 , open to riders of all levels. Come and school the problem fence from the ODE, improve your overall cross country performance, or prepare to upgrade with fabulous fences and wonderfully peaceful scenery.

Australia Day Eventing Clinic

Thu 26 Jan Sun 29 Jan 2012

Denman Pony Club Grounds

Come and celebrate Australia Day in true eventing spirit! Lessons will be conducted over the four day long weekend, and we will touch on all three phases of eventing. As per usual, there are packages available for 1 day through to 4 days, and multiple rides and family groups are greatly encouraged! If we are going to have some hot weather, lessons will be morning and afternoon, leaving the middle of the day for Adams delicious BBQ, trips to Denman Pool or a quick browse in the great boutiques and shops.

Denman Pony Club grounds offer a great atmosphere for camping, with full toilets and showers. The horse facilities are great, with washbays and hoses provided and secure steel yards with plenty of shade. This clinic is a great way to brush up on some skills in a social friendly environment!!

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